SSI World Shipbuilding Conference 2022 presentation

Cloudis presented and were a sponsor at the SSI World Shipbuilding Conference 2022 in Mobile, Alabama (4th-6th October 2022).

During the conference Ian Barnes gave a presentation on the CMPIC ShipConstructor interface. Click on the button below to view the presentation.

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Cloudis to Exhibit at ICCAS 2019

Cloudis will be exhibiting at the 19th International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding (ICCAS) in Rotterdam from 24-26 September 2019:

ICCAS offers unequalled opportunity for international delegates from the global shipbuilding and marine industry to see practical application of computing technologies across all aspects of design, production, and in-service operation of ships and marine structures.

ICCAS will include papers on all aspects of shipbuilding. Delegates can understand the implementation, success and benefits of applying computing technologies in the industry to improve methodologies, processes and productivity.

CMPIC R6.10.2 Released

Initially designated as a medium-sized interim release, many of the changes in CMPIC R6.10.2 impacted on a large section of CMPIC functionality. This also permitted a greater number of minor additions and rationalisation of functionality to occur.

Look and Feel

Continuing on from the changes begun in the previous releases, more adjustments were introduced to further simplify and sharpen the user experience. For multi-build projects, the applicability icons were revised to be more readable, and to reflect “actual” build numbering, useful when projects represent batches of similar build items.

Enhanced Device-to-Device Routing

New functionality where device and node coordinates are used to select the most appropriate device near-nodes and cable from/to nodes. Off route lengths can be set using coordinates as a straight line or offset length.