BAE Systems adopts Cloudis blown fibre solution

BAE Systems has adopted a solution from Cloudis Ltd, the UK based cable management software specialists, to assist with the design of blown fibres on the Type 26 Global Combat Ship they are developing for the Royal Navy.

The Cloudis software application manages the routing and termination of blown fibres through a network of fibre enclosures comprising protected microducts and tube flexibility points, as part of the total cable management process. The Cloudis solution is based on their own CABCENTRIC technology which uses Oracle as the underlying database.

The fibres themselves are routed and managed in CABCENTRIC whilst the fibre enclosures, which occupy space on cable trays, hangers, penetrations etc, are managed in CMPIC, Cloudis’ cable routing and management software.

CABCENTRIC handles the routing of the blown fibres via the network of microducts and flexibility points, and keeps track of terminations at patch panels, intermediate equipment etc.

Critically, because blown fibres are increasingly being used for secure systems, data created and managed in CABCENTRIC can be hidden, whilst details about the fibre enclosures can be shared with CMPIC.