Other Services


Cloudis offers training courses for all its products.

These are based around a training database and a series of workshops. The training database is left with the customer including the data which has been created during the course. This can then be used in conjunction with the workshop documentation for continued training, revision or for introducing new users to the software.

Training courses are normally delivered on customer premises although can be held at Cloudis’ offices if this is preferred.


We offer consultancy to support the implementation of our products into the customer’s process. A Cloudis consultant can be contracted to spend time with users helping them use the software and to identify areas where it can be applied to gain further benefit.


We carry out a certain level of customisation of the software for each customer as part of the set up service. This usually involves the redesign of some reports. We have a large number of standard reports but sometimes these need to be modified to meet particular requirements.

In addition, we are always interested in discussing with customers ways in which our solutions can be developed to provide new functions.

As an independent company owned by the directors, we pride ourselves in responding quickly to customer needs.


Interfacing to other applications is frequently an important part of a CMPIC installation.

We do not believe in replicating successful methods of working, so if data created by another application could be used by CMPIC, then we will do all we can to achieve this.

To help us import and export data from and to CMPIC we have developed an API which is used as part of the process of importing data. Whether the data is in .CSV, .XML, or SQL database format, we can use the API and our interfaces to get the data into CMPIC. Using .XML and .CSV formats to export data means that this can then be viewed and used in MSAccess and Excel.